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La Graciosa - Casa Azul

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La Graciosa - Casa Azul

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La Casa Azul

You will find the "Casa Azul" on the magic island of "La Graciosa" to the north of Lanzarote on the Canary Islands. It is situated right off the shore with beautifull views towards the village harbour.

There you can enjoy a nice peacfull and relaxing holiday. Check it out.



  • Virgen del Mar Nr. 4,
       Caleta de Sebo, La Graciosa
  • Phone: +34 928 524 266
  • Email: casa.azul.lg@gmail.com


Calle Libertad 72
35550 Tias de Lanzarote
TEL: 928 524 266
MOV: 629 344 370